Video Instruction

Make sure you watch the information video on the product page to understand the difference between the LINQ harnesses and lanyards the rest!

When the job takes you to higher places

you need safety products that you can trust your life with. LINQ’s safety harnesses are frequently relied upon by those working at heights. Everyone from window washers to labourers and scaffolders can tell you how they owe their lives and jobs to LINQ’s range of safety products.

There are safety harnesses for roofers

There are safety harnesses for roofers, as well as tactician multi-purpose harnesses and even triple steel alloys for the ultimate in safety when the job takes you higher. They won’t get rid of your fear of heights, but they’ll keep you safe and sound when your job is above ground level.

If you’re going to get high, let LINQ’s range of safety harnesses keep you safe and allow you to complete the job right. Your life depends on it!