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Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil 4L

Organoil Hard Burnishing Oil 4L

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An internal finishing oil formulated from natural plant oils, with genuine Tung Oil as the major component. Recommended for areas where timber is subject to regular wear & tear, it creates a water-resistant surface. Suitable for bench tops, tabletops & food serving items.

Nourishes, preserves & moisturises. Natural colour/character enhancement. Seals raw internal timber for satin finish. Natural alternative to Petroleum hydrocarbons and water based oils.

  • Chopping boards & bowls
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Bench, Table & Bar Tops
  • Flooring

500mL, 1L, 2L, 4L & 10L

Up to 18 m2

Brush or Lambswool Applicator


See data sheet

Transparent Matt Finish, Higher gloss achievable with Burnishing technique.