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Organoil Decking Oil Classic Clear 1L

Organoil Decking Oil Classic Clear 1L

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100% pure natural oil for the nourishment and protection of all external timbers. Provides anti-mould fungal protection. Contains genuine tung nut oil, citrus solvents and natural beeswax for water repellency and protection against wood rot. A natural alternative to petroleum hydrocarbons and water-based oils. Specifically formulated to suit the Australian and New Zealand harsh climates.

Preserves and rejuvenates, protects, nourishes and waterproofs.


Classic Clear – Previously known as Semi-clear, our Classic Clear is a semi-transparent and results in a honey brown, producing a minimal colour change to the natural timber colour
UV Red – Previously known as Red highlighter, UV Red is a semi-transparent finish with additional UV protection. Recommended for use on red/pink timber species
Merbau – semi- transparent finish with added colourants and UV to enhance Redwood timbers
Jarrah – A heavy weight pigmented oil offering a solid cover, suitable for treated pine or old, weathered hardwoods.

  • Decking
  • Doors/Windows
  • Joists/Bearers
  • Cladding
  • Railings/Posts
  • Fencing
  • BBQ Trolleys
  • 1 litre can
  • 4 litre can
  • 10 litre can

Up to 14m2 per L

Brush or Lambswool Applicator


24 hours

Semi-transparent to semi-opaque matt finish

Note: 1 coat only required for rejuvenation or if Woodguard was used as a pre-treatment


This product is “NOT” suitable for use on tongue and groove verandah flooring or internal flooring.

Not recommended for Garden Furniture, refer Organoil Garden Furniture Oil