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Nordsjo Professional Super Filler Light & Smooth

Nordsjo Professional Super Filler Light & Smooth

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Nordsjö Professional Light and Smooth Super Filler, fills without the need for sanding. Thanks to our unique lightweight technology, our Light and Smooth filler immediately gives you a smooth finish. It does not sag and is easy to model, making it ideal for ceilings and walls.

  • High performance extra lightweight filler for all general interior and exterior repairs
  • Fills deep cracks and holes up to 10cm in plasterboard, wood, fiber cement, concrete, brick and most other common building materials
  • Ideal for over-head applications (non-slump formula)
  • Filling Knife
  • Ready to use
  • Will not shrink or sag
  • Super smooth finish – no sanding required
  • Paintable with all types of paint
  • Maximum layer thickness: 5 cm
  • Maximum depth: 10 cm
  • Easy to apply and shape
  • Quick drying: paint after approx. 2 hours (5 cm layer at 20°C) with water-based paints
  • Substrate must be clean, dry, dust and grease free.
  • Remove all loose materials.
  • Before application, metal surfaces such as nails and screws should be treated with an appropriate rust resistant primer.
  • Stir into a smooth paste (if the filler is too dry, just add a few drops of water).
  • Press filler into hole with a filling knife, smoothing off with a wet filling knife.
  • For holes deeper than 5 cm, apply in layers, with sufficient drying time between the layers.
  • No sanding is required. If sanding, wait for 24 hours.
  • If painting over with an oil-based finish, wait 14 days.
  • Must be painted over when used outside (minimum 2 coats).
  • Colour: White.
  • Not suitable for drilling.
  • Clean tools and hands immediately after use with warm water.
  • Do not store or use below 5 ° C.