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Moemic Oval Cutter

Moemic Oval Cutter

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Moemic Oval Cutter

Tradesman range of advanced synthetic filament

  • Advanced Technology for use with all paints on all surfaces and is easy to clean fast coverage with smooth finish.
  • Increased amount of filament & adjusted type in each layer, results in optimal paint pick up, hold & release leaving minimal brush marks.
  • Tapered ends provide a smooth and more accurate and professional finish.
  • Handcrafted to maintain shape for long-term use with no filament loss.
  • Ergonomic, raw & smooth birch wood handle with grip part for control & ease of use.

The Tradesman brush has been re-engineered to ensure maximum performance, durability and longevity for the trade professional painter. The blend is a selection of high quality synthetic filaments that work together to achieve an outstanding paint finish.