Australian Standards Certification


To ensure that the Puma Safety Footwear you are purchasing is certified to the Australian Standards, always check the label in the tongue of the shoe.

Here you will find:

The Item number

Puma Safety Footwear item numbers consist of 6 numbers and all begin with the number 6. Puma Safety Footwear change the last digit of their item numbers according to the country in which they are sold. All styles in Australia and New Zealand end in the number “7”.

The Benchmark logo

This logo along with the the Australian Standards number for Occupational protective footwear – Specification for safety footwear. The BSI’s Benchmark Product Certification logo indicates that the conformity of our product is based on technical documentation and an annual review of our manufacturing and quality control process to monitor our ability to consistently produce products is in compliance with AS 2210.3:2019.