ISM - a leading international manufacturer of safety footwear and workwear - receives coveted design award for PUMA® Safety Frontcourt safety sneakers in a cool streetwear look


"Classic goes safety" - PUMA® Safety launched the new Heritage safety shoe line under this motto to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The line includes two models with different colour combinations in the classic PUMA® Vintage Look.


The Frontcourt safety shoe model from the Heritage line won the 2023 Red Dot Award proving that safety and style are indeed perfectly compatible.


The PUMA® Safety Frontcourt recollects the look of a classic basketball sneaker. Its unique design is bang on trend and will be enthusiastically received by the hordes of PUMA® and sneaker fans in particular.


The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world's biggest design competitions. It is one of the most prestigious awards for top-quality design. Every year, it selects the best products submitted by international manufacturers and designers in around 50 categories. A jury made up of around 50 international experts evaluates each submission and awards the Red Dot to those products which truly stand out in the disciplines Product DesignBrands & Communication Design and Design Concept. The "Red Dot" award has established itself as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design: products awarded by the Red Dot Jury are united by their outstanding design quality. The numerous categories show that good design is now a sales-boosting argument even in product categories dominated by technical aspects – including PPE.


ISM Heinrich Krämer based in Lippstadt, Germany, has become established as an innovative international market leader in the field of safety footwear, workwear and functional clothing. Founded in 1930 and active in the field of PPE since 1980 with the Albatros brand, the company now operates in over 50 countries across the world.


ISM began an exclusive cooperation with the PUMA® sporting goods group in 2003. Thanks to this collaboration, ISM developed from a strong regional supplier in Central Europe to a leading international player in the PPE sector. They contributed their experience and market knowledge towards the development of contemporary, sport-inspired, high-performance safety footwear under the PUMA® Safety name. 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the PUMA® Safety brand and of this collaboration.


The winning model features a rubber outsole with an extremely slip-resistant profile that is heat-resistant to 300°C. The herringbone tread on the outsole guarantees optimised grip. A built-in rotation point minimises friction, which reduces fatigue for the wearer. It is integrated into the metatarsal area – the section of the foot that is exposed to most stress and strain during everyday movements.


A soft rubber midsole delivers ideal cushioning. It easily withstands the rigours of daily life and guarantees long-lasting comfort and performance. The broad frame ensures perfect stability.


Additional shock absorption is provided by the Evercushion® Relief footbed. It consists of two ideally coordinated layers. The upper memory foam layer adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot and provides cushioning precisely where stress is highest. The bottom one is made of evercushion® Foam and provides optimal pressure relief and durable cushioning. A specially adapted arch support keeps the foot in a natural position inside the shoe and stimulates the muscles while walking. The wavy grooves on the bottom stop the footbed from slipping inside the shoe.


Made of extremely light, foamed EVA, idCell elements in the heel and forefoot sections additionally absorb shocks and impact when the foot touches down.


The FAP® anti-perforation protection made of non-metallic, extremely tear-resistant textile fibres provides additional comfort and safety. Outstanding flexibility ensures that wearers barely notice the complete protection against perforation. Increased shock absorption and pressure elasticity provide additional wearing comfort. Enhanced breathability and sweat absorption create a cooling effect and improve the transport of moisture in the shoe. Both models feature a roomy fiberglass toe cap with a low weight.


Made of smooth full-grain cowhide, the Frontcourt sneaker in safety class S3 is available in two mid-top styles and one low-top. They are available from specialist shops and selected online retailers.