When and how should you apply decking oil?

When and how should you apply decking oil?

Your timber decking enhances the look of your home or outside area, and maintaining it properly is vital for preserving its appearance. When it comes to applying decking oil, you might be asking yourself when the right time to apply it would be as well as how it should be applied. There are various factors that need to be considered, and being familiar with them can help you avoid allowing your timber decking to become stained, faded, or weak. Read on to see exactly how you should apply decking oil and the ideal time to do so.

When should you apply decking oil?

You should apply decking oil during dry weather, namely during spring. It’s also worth noting that the length of time you’ve had your decking installed factors into when it should be applied, as you should leave newly installed decking for around six months before you apply decking oil to it.

Six months after your decking has been installed, to maintain its appearance and condition you will need to apply decking oil every 6 to 12 months. If you’d like to go a step further and want maximum protection for your decking, you can apply decking oil every three to six months.

You should avoid applying decking oil during or before rainy weather, as water will diminish the effectiveness of the oil, especially if it rains within two days of applying it.


How should you apply decking oil?

Before applying any decking oil, the first thing you’ll need to do is clean the decking while removing any items on it such as furniture, decorations, etc. After you’ve removed everything and swept your decking, you’ll need to clean it using a hose or pressure washer. For better results, you may want to apply a decking cleaner after you wash it down, then rinse it again before you apply the decking oil. For decking cleaners and decking oils, we recommend the premium range from Endeavour and Organoil decking oils.

After your deck is dry, you’ll need to apply two coats of decking oil. After you’ve stirred the oil, the decking oil should be applied to the edges of your decking as you continue into the middle, ensuring you coat the boards quickly for the best results. Leave it to dry for a minimum of two hours before you apply the second coat.

With the second coating, less oil compared to the first coat will need to be applied. After you’ve followed the same process as the first coat, once again leave the second coat to dry for two hours or more.

What happens if you don’t apply decking oil to your timber decking?

If you don’t apply decking oil to your timber decking, it may become weaker over time and may begin to look faded, giving an unpleasant look while also potentially needing replacing later on due to its weakening structure.

Why is my decking not absorbing oil?

If your timber decking still feels oily after applying decking oil, it’s a sign that you may be using too much and your timber isn’t able to absorb anymore, for which you’ll need to wipe off the excess oil. If you’ve previously applied other types of solutions, that can also prevent your timber from absorbing the oil. Mould buildup on your decking can be a factor as well.

A clean deck can truly enhance the look of your home, and for it to remain that way, knowing how and when to apply decking oil is essential. It’s easy to underestimate the work required to keep your deck looking fresh, and rather than allow it to fade, a little preparation can go a long way. For everything to do with Organoil decking oils, check out our range here!

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