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Polytech Wall Brush ( Ask Us For a Bulk Deal)

Polytech Wall Brush ( Ask Us For a Bulk Deal)

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  • Wall brushes are suitable for a variety of applications and surfaces.
  • The 70% violet colour PBT filament 30% short black golden colour PET filament
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Heat treated bristles stop the bristle from flaring so the brush naturally lasts longer
  • Hard wooden handle for better durability
  • Rounded bristles give you a smoother paint finish 
  • Suitable for use with all paints ideal for smoother surfaces. minimal splatter effect. 

 > Handle:

Cheap brushes usually have plastic handles or ordinary wooden handles. A plastic handle is much more brittle and easy to break. An untreated wooden handle will absorb moisture and expand and contract once dry. This reduces the life of the brush significantly.

Our hard wood handles have been treated to resist moisture and therefore significantly increase the life of your brush.

> Filament/Bristles (Brush hairs):

The PBT filament is designed to retain its stiffness in high temperature and humid environments. It has a high resistance to abrasion and is much more durable and solvent resistant for easy clean-up and reuse. Cheaper/standard brushes will lose stiffness much quicker than ours and are effectively disposable.

> Ferrule (metal part that holds the brush hairs):

Cheap brush options use a tin ferrule. Our heavy duty brushes use stainless steel ferrules. The tin will bend and rust must faster than stainless steel, so for the tradie needing a heavy duty durable brush, having a stainless steel ferrule is definitely the best choice.

The stainless steel ferrules are thicker than standard/cheaper brushes maximising paint pickup and release and give you a smooth, even coverage.

> Which type of brush to use for which application?

- Sash Cutter: A sash cutter brush is designed for precision work. The filament length, blend, and shape are optimised for this type of work. There are two kinds of sash cutter – flat or angled.

A flat sash cutter is ideal for doors, cupboards, furniture, fences, shutters, or pipes.

An angled sash cutter is a perfect choice for window sashes, skirting boards, and tasks where you have narrow surfaces or hard to reach corners.

- Oval Cutter: Oval shaped brushes are generally used for trim and edging. Like the sash cutter, they usually have a longer handle for better control and balance. The oval shape optimises paint holding and paint release. They are also ideal for applying clear polyurethane and varnish.

- Wall Brush (general use brush): A wall brush is suitable for a variety of applications and surfaces. It can usually hold more paint than more specialised types of brushes and it offers the flexibility needed to tackle bigger jobs. A wall brush is ideal for large wall areas, fences, ceilings, weatherboard, and decks.