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Oldfields Pro Series Microfibre 230mm x 10mm Nap RC 1pk (OLD533-1)

Oldfields Pro Series Microfibre 230mm x 10mm Nap RC 1pk (OLD533-1)

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Micro-Max Professional Microfibre 10mm Nap

Pro Series

  • Designed for maximum durability and maximum hold for long life.
  • Excellent paint pick up, hold and even release for producing a fine smooth finish.
  • Designed for the professional trade painter.
  • Recommended for use with most paints on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.

Ideal for

Broad wall areas and ceilings.

A fine and smooth professional finish, the Pro Series covers provide superior quality results every time.

    Micro-Max Pro Microfibre by Oldfields has been developed to meet the expectations of the most discerning professional painter.

    The advanced Micro-Max fabric is low spatter, free of lint and features three nap lengths to perfectly suit walls, ceilings, smooth and semi-smooth surfaces.

    Use with all flat, low-sheen acrylic and enamel paints.