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Oldfields Nook & Cranny Fabric 100mm x 12mm Nap 10pk (OLD676R)

Oldfields Nook & Cranny Fabric 100mm x 12mm Nap 10pk (OLD676R)

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Nook and Cranny Mini Rollers

Fabric Roller Covers 12mm PILE

  • Quality fabric formulated to ensure a fast, smooth and even application on all surfaces.
  • Use with all oil and water-based paints on smooth surfaces for a super smooth finish.
  • Available as a complete set with roller and frame.

Ideal for

An extremely fine & smooth professional finish, Oldfields mini roller covers provide superior quality results every time.

    Convenient sized rollers are perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, trim work such as windows and door frames and other hard to reach places such as cupboards, shelves & behind downpipes. Designed for maximum durability and hold, easy application with reduced splatter. The Oldfields mini range are strong, durable and easy to clean.